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Hereford/ Angus cattle

In 2017, we bought seven purebred Hereford heifers and a Black Angus bull. It was a compromise of sorts being that Gregory was raised with Herefords and I grew up with Angus. It turned out to be a very good idea indeed.
We now run around forty cows with about half of them being purebred Herefords and the rest being the coveted Hereford/ Angus cross. 
We have found that the Herefords are terrific mothers who milk very well and bring home nice uniform calves off the dry native pasture. Our Hereford/ Angus crosses are docile, quiet animals that are good mothers and carry on the hybrid vigor. 

Hereford/ Angus Cattle: What's Happening

Hereford/ Angus Cattle for Sale

We have to keep our numbers down due to a lack of pasture and so we usually have a few good quality heifers for sale in the fall. On occasion we also have a few pairs in the spring available. 
Feel free to contact us to see if anything or how many may be for sale.

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